Images provided by the Seniors

2023 Senior Sign-Offs

Throughout the history of this program, seniors have been the backbone of the Wilsonville Broadcasting Network. In the 2022-2023 school year, we had 23 seniors on our staff who were all instrumental in making this program run smoothly. We have endless appreciation for this group and their contributions to WBN.

In any setting, the seniors almost always set the culture for the group. The underclassmen follow where the seniors lead, and this group has set a precedent for hard work, dedication, and excellence. All of these traits will certainly have a lasting impact on this program for years to come.

All of the seniors on our staff assisted in teaching and training the next group of journalists at Wilsonville High School. They have heaps of experience in writing, interviewing for, and investigating emerging stories at Wilsonville and created fantastic feats of journalism. Without their leadership, we could not have achieved such heights this term.

In the 2022-2023 school year, WBN published 4 newspapers, 23 97070 Shows, 128 broadcasts, and nearly 500 articles. Those figures are larger than any previous year. In addition, this year we received an award no previous WBN groups had; we achieved all 6 Student News Organization badges. For those outside the journalism world, allow us to explain.

SNO is an organization dedicated to helping young journalists create sites in which they can display the most recent stories from their school and community. The organization has created a system in which over the course of the school year schools can submit articles and other forms of digital journalistic media and earn badges for the excellence of their works.

Never before in our history have we received all six badges. However, with the collaboration of many important people, we were able to achieve the Best of SNO award, Audience Engagement award, Multimedia award, Story Page Excellence award, Continuous Coverage badge, and Site Excellence award. The incoming WBN board and journalists are excited to follow in the senior’s footsteps and reach the same heights as the class of 2023 seniors.

Senior Sign-Off: Sammie Baker
Senior Sign-Off: Emily Barry
Senior Sign-Off: Hope Williams
Senior Sign-Off: Natalie Kendig