Senior Sign-Off: Sammie Baker

This was my first year being a part of WBN, and I have loved it. I have learned so much and created so many amazing memories. I was given the opportunity to write articles, record podcasts, and meet new people. 

During my experience with WBN, I was able to write with my friends and retell awesome events and stories that were occurring at Wilsonville High School. I was on the sports team this entire year, and I learned so much about sports I wouldn’t normally be interested in, and was able to watch more games I wouldn’t normally go to.

Throughout this year, and my time with WBN, I have greatly improved as a writer, journalist, and overall student. I will be able to use these skills throughout my college experience and my lifetime. 

I would like to thank Fitz for supporting me this entire year and pushing me to do my best. I would also like to thank my friends, who I worked with, and always was there to help me with my stories. Lastly, thank you to journalism and WBN for such an amazing senior year!!