Are phones a distraction?

Gabriela Leon, Staff Writer

During the school year, you may or may not have pulled your phone out a couple of times when you weren’t supposed to. Teachers are always telling us to put away our phones because they’re a ‘distraction’ and ‘hinder’ our work performance. Are out phones really distracting us from our work?

Riece Kirk, a sophomore thinks that phones can be a distraction, believes being on your phones helps your work performance. When asked if our phones should be out of arms length reach, she thought that the rule was unnecessary. Kendall Taylor, a junior, says that having a phone doesn’t hinder her work performance. “If someone is really having a problem with their phones then yeah, it’s more of their problem.” She also mentions that using her phone, depending on the class, helps her focus more on the subject.

There are a lot of different study apps that you can download on your phone, and not to mention that there are a ton of videos up on Youtube that can help explain a subject better. Phones being seen as distractions can be debatable; yes, you can procrastinate and ignore all the work you have to finish, but you can’t deny that using your phone can aid with school. Looking up an explanation for a problem you can’t solve, watching a video on subject that was covered in class.

Phones can be a useful source when looking for help on homework or on a project. However, phones can also lead to being a distraction: going on social media, listening to music, or playing Fortnite. Your phone is a loop hole for procrastination.