Is AP literature lit?

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AP classes tend to have a large workload, and AP English Literature is no different. Students in this class analyze and read many famous works of literature, from Hamlet to Frankenstein. Students, primarily seniors, enjoy the class which is full of interesting lectures and class discussions, and taught by excellent English teacher Ms. Hanlon. 

    Senior Macy Carlson states, “I like how it is discussion based and how everyone is so engaged.” The class is based on discussions, and since the class size is around 22 students, it works well with discussions. AP Lit helps to set people up later in life. Carlson states, “It helps me to think critically about texts and helps with my writing. I love it, everything means something.”

    Jack Roche, a Senior, said, “The amount of work we do is much more than last years workload.” With such a high level of thinking, this does include a lot of work. This amount of work is what would be typical in a college level class, and is designed to set students up for success later in life, on the AP test, and in college. Reading literature in this class is very helpful to educate students on stories, and to expand their thinking beyond what is explicitly stated.”