Proactive seniors apply early for college


Many Wilsonville seniors have already heard back from college regarding their acceptance into a certain university. This is because of a thing called ‘rolling acceptance’ where people can apply from the time their admissions office is open to the early admissions deadline and the university would review your application and gives you an early notification of your admittance. Deadlines are normally either November 1st or the 15th for early action and January 15th for regular admissions. I got a chance to talk to three seniors about their early acceptance experiences:

Lucie White,

“ So far I’ve heard back from Colorado State and Boise State and have been accepted from both”. Lucie applied to Colorado State, Boise State, U of O, OSU, Texas A&M, University of Texas Austin, and Penn State as her reach school. White chose to send out most of her applications in early October, however she “ did her Texas ones like the last week of October because I had some essays that took me some time”. Like many seniors, Lucie doesn’t know where she wants to go to school, “I obviously applied to a lot of schools and am not sure where I want to go yet. I wanted to give myself a lot of time to get accepted then have time to get to know the schools so I could decide which one I want to go to.

Sophi Heilig,

“I’ve been admitted to OSU and I applied to Boise State University and I am going to apply to University of Montana and Montana State University once I visit the campus”. Sophi isn’t worried about getting accepted because both Montana schools are rolling acceptance. When asked why she decided to apply early Heilig states “ I was stressed and wanted to get it over with because I knew it would take me awhile to write my essays and such”.

Sydnie Jersey,

Equestrian team star, Sydnie Jersey, recently applied early to Texas Christian University, Chapman, University of Montana, Boise State, San Jose state, Cal Poly, and OSU. So far, she’s been admitted to University of Montana in Missoula. All of her early applications were turned in before Nov. 1st. Her main reason for applying early was to relieve some of the stress and pressure early on so it gave her time to think of where she wants to settle for the next 4 years.