The holidays are a great time to catch up and hang out with your friends and family. Winter vacation provides a much needed break from school and homework, and allows us all to spend time with our loved ones.

Junior Ally Finkbeiner is excited to hangout with her friends over break. “I am excited to make Christmas cookies and watch movies with my friends over break. We’ve already made plans to watch Elf the week of Christmas.”

Senior Cydney Gutride and Cade Edmonston are “planning on going to Zoolights and Peacock Lane over break” this year. Cydney is excited to brave the cold and see the beautiful lights.

Junior Kylee Rusher and her boyfriend Colby Burns from Barlow have holiday date plans as well. Kylee said  “We were planning on making gingerbread houses together and then driving around to look at some cool Christmas lights.”

Personally, I am planning on spending time with my family from out of town, playing video games with my younger brother, and making Christmas cookies with my friends.

Have a fun winter break and stay warm Wildcats!!