The top pizza restaurants to look for

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In and around Wilsonville, there are a lot of different pizza places available. I’m here to give you the best amateur reports of pizza near you. Each pizza place I’ll be mentioning has different qualities so I will be rating them on taste and value.


First is Costco. Costco pizza runs for a $1.59 which is an insane value for 700-800 calories. You are given three choices: cheese, pepperoni, and supreme. Pepperoni is my personal choice but, supreme is for niche and cheese is often a pass unless you are vegetarian but don’t mind eating more calories than pepperoni and supreme. Their pizza is a light 6 in taste: sauce has an amazing flavor, toppings are usually on point, and the crust can be really fluffy most days; however, Costco does have off days where the crust is a little flat. Value is a straight away 10 for being 1.59 a slice.


Second is Mod Pizza. Mod pizza is a bit of a drive which drops their value by a point already for gas money. However, Mod pizza is like Schmizza in the sense that you have so many options except here you get to design your pizza like a Rolls Royce Phantom. Mod Pizza’s standard is a 12 inch diameter pizza with choice of sauce, cheese, meat, and what else. I am a huge advocate for Mod Pizza because they are the only place where you can get clumps of ricotta on pizza and I like to pair that with a lot of pepperoni and canadian bacon. The taste of a Mod Pizza is definitely a 9: the only reason it is marked down a point is because it leaves too much up to the customer and everyone knows that you suck at making your own pizza. However, if the right ingredients are used then you can easily have a 10 in taste. Value is a tricky topic, 8.50 is a lot but it is a whole 12 inch pizza which is more than most places. Considering the fact that they don’t stop you from filling water cups with soda, Value is near a 9 or even a 10 despite the long drive because the pizza is definitely worth the money spent.


Third is Pizza Schmizza (near Costco). Schmizza has many deals including a happy hour so regular prices are $3.50-4 which is more expensive than Costco but still pretty standard for pizza. The advantage of Schmizza is the various flavors that they offer. They have a lot of season pizzas but there are many more classic choices to choose from at Schmizza. Their pizza is a 7 in taste and I personally like the two slices and a drink for 8.50 deal which makes the value an 7 because that is a lot of food.


I know there are plenty of other pizza places nearby like Perfect Pizza, Bellagios, Papa Murphy’s, and Domino’s; however, those don’t amount to anything. The three places named here should definitely be the top choices for anyone who lives in Tualatin/Wilsonville. And anyone who doesn’t agree with me is wrong.