AP environmental science students embark on a field trip

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AP Environmental Science (APES) has an assortment of opportunities for active participation in learning how humans change the natural system and its ecological processes. The class offers a wide spectrum of environment-related issues through subjects deriving from biology, earth science, and chemistry. The class involves delving into social, cultural, political, and economic issues regarding the environment. APES educates students on concepts and principles that are not offered in the required science courses. 

As the intense course nears the spring, the students embark on a sequence of field trips to diversify their understanding of the concepts introduced in class.

Currently, they are covering the uprising issue of water pollution. The upcoming trip aims to enlighten the students on the economic dilemma of water conservation and domestic consumption.  Their first expedition will be a viewing of the fresh and wastewater plants in Wilsonville. 

The trip will begin with a brief overview of the inner mechanisms of the treatment center. The students will be able to discuss how water is treated domestically with the operators, and pose questions about their duties and the functions of the treatment center. Science teacher, Jason Milham, describes that the hands-on experience the field trip encourages is important because it is relevant to their unit of study. He predicts that by visiting the operation, the class will be able to see the process up close and in action. 

The class is often taken by upperclassmen, so it will be the perfect chance to introduce prospective occupations in the environmental science field. Students interested in majoring in the sciences can learn from the exposure to potential careers in that sphere.

“They will get a sense of the great examples of what a real-world potential career in environment can be,” Milham added.

The series of field trips will take place on March 5th, 6th, and 7th.

M.O. Stevens
The park that the AP Environmental Science class will be visiting at the Willamette Water Treatment Plant in Wilsonville, Oregon.