ISEF state fair


Rodayna Abdelhalim

Students from schools throughout all of Oregon compete in ISEF at Viking Pavilion at Portland State University

The State ISEF Competition was held at Portland State University. Schools from all around the state gathered to compete in the Intel Science and Engineering Fair. The day kicked off with students setting up their presentation at the PSU’s Viking Pavilion. From 9:00 am to 10:30 am the judges were observing the projects boards. During this time students were not allowed in to be present in the judging area, many opted to go out and get something to eat or wander around the campus. Other students decided to take the time and practice their interviews.

When 10:30 came along, judging began. Students would wait patiently by their board for a judge to come along and ask them about their projects. Conversations sparked the event, filling the room with laughter, curiosity, and excitement. During this time, high school students were tasked with assessing two middle school projects. This included looking through their boards, listening to their presentations, and asking them questions.

At 12:00, the interviews and judging were paused for a lunch break. Students were able to go out to eat or have pizza in the space provided. The principles of Wilsonville High School and West Linn High School made an appearance to congratulate the participants and to cheer them on.

When 1:00 pm rolled in, students went back to the judging and interviews. By 2:30, students were all done with that stressful portion of the day. The event was now open to the public. People from all over the state came to support their students, family, or friends. Some came just to see what future scientists had in store for the field. During this time, the Best of Fair candidates were notified that they would continue competing and moved to the Judge Room where they presented their projects once again.

At 4:30 the event closed to the public because the Middle School award ceremony was to take place. Following this, the High School award ceremony occurred. Students were awarded scholarship and/or the opportunity to move onto the International Fair in Arizona.

We wish the best of luck to the competitors at the International portion of the ISEF competition.