The Prom 2019 experience

Seniors share their most memorable moments from Prom 2019.

Wilsonville High School students experienced a wonderful prom night “underneath the stars” at the Oregon Zoo. In their elegant attire, they enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience that will be etched into their memories forever. For some, this was their first prom. For seniors, this was their last celebratory night to end their final year. The atmosphere radiated with a splendid cheerfulness as students shuffled in with their friends or dates. Before and after the dance, students had the opportunity to take keepsake pictures in the photo booth, run by John Fitzgerald. Highlighting the getting ready process, going out to eat, taking photos, the dance itself, or even the drive there and back- a few seniors weigh in on the best part of their prom experiences.

Isaac Boger recalled his prom experience with close friends in their limo ride, “My favorite part was the limo that my friends and I all went in together; we got to play the music we wanted, and go wherever we wanted. We went to Dutch Bros. But we didn’t really have any specific destination. We just had the driver drive us around the Portland area. Instead of a party after, we had a party in the limo.”

Also in their group, senior Zoe Lyons discussed the highlight of the night, “our tacky hummer limo, with our amazing driver Jeff. I love Jeff with all of my heart.”

Mackenzie Waterfield
Zoe Lyons’ and Isaac Boger’s limo group.

Much like Boger and Lyons, many prom attendees enjoyed the events leading up to the prom the most. Grace Yaso took the opportunity to spend quality time with her friends throughout the night.

In response to being asked about her most memorable moment thus far at the prom, Yaso expressed, “Being able to to get ready, sing, and jam out with my friends!”

When it came to the actual dance itself, cares were forgotten and students were lost in their favorite popular songs. Senior Jaelyn James described her favorite event at the dance.

“My favorite part of the experience was when my date and Nathan Harmitt started a dance circle. Everyone crowded around and a ton of people were going in and dancing. Everyone was included and cheering each other on, it had great energy,” she reminisced.

Kelby Maria
Jaelyn James and her prom group.

Briauna Haskins, a senior explicated that what she enjoyed most about the prom experience was, “The people, they’re really interesting, and everyone’s outfits look perfect.”

At the dance, there were copious amounts of candy to choose from. Senior Wren Perotte who wore a stunning black dress with a ruffled train, admitted, “The candy was my favorite part of prom, to be honest with you.”

Mackenzie Waterfield
Senior Wren Perotte in her stunning black prom gown.

Prom was definitely a night of unique experiences, that will be remembered throughout the attendees’ lives. Whether it be singing their hearts out, dressing up in regal gowns or tuxedo suits, or simply the drive there- they all carried their own mementos as they left the dance.