What makes a fun class?

A good class is more than its content!

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A good class is more than its content!

As a high school senior, I have had many classes that I have had to take and strongly disliked. However, there are some classes I have liked a lot. In fact, some could say I’ve actually loved these classes. So, to all of the current and future teachers out there, here is what students love the most about class.

  1. Engaging teachers

The best classes are ones where you do real work that will benefit your actual intelligence, rather than just doing busy work that feels like the teacher was negligent in preparing something to teach.

2. Fun teachers

Being a teacher is probably very hard, especially when people don’t seem to be engaging in what you are teaching. But when the teacher is fun and at least nice, whatever you are being taught is much more enjoyable.

3. Good content

Classes are great when you feel as though you are actually learning something that will help you in real life. Most of the classes that I have not enjoyed are ones where I feel as though we are not learning anything that will really benefit us.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility with a teacher can be an issue for some people who tend to be procrastinators, but for people with very busy schedules and not much time outside of class to accomplish homework, when teachers are flexible and let you turn in assignments late is just so helpful at times.