Yearbook Crew gets involved in the Doernbecher faculty challenge

After completing the task of condensing an entire year into a two hundred page book, the yearbook crew is working towards a new project. On May 28th, members of the yearbook staff, along with other students, will compete in a game of basketball for the Doernbecher Fundraising tournament. As a class of different perspectives, and where collaboration fosters a feeling of teamwork, the crew is no doubt up for the bonding.

Recently, an assembly was held involving the entire class. Donations were encouraged to raise up to 4,000 dollars total. A beloved member of our school, Cooper Mootz, gave a presentation discussing his treatment at the hospital during his sophomore year. The donations and sponsorships will go towards a monumental cause. For each team, it is a $60 sponsorship, with 100% of the funds going towards Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

The practices combine the more experienced and the less. Seniors Brenden Ertle and Nathan Overholt, who are knowledgeable in many sports, both took the lead in teaching the skills and guiding the practices. So far, the group has worked on perfecting the basics of shooting, guarding, and passing. Thereafter, they have a scrimmage.

Lila Durig, new to the concept, talked about how enjoyable it had been for her thus far, “I enjoy working with the class and being able to see how all of us have been getting better throughout each practice. And just having a great time and laughing with everyone at how terrible I am at basketball.”

Dr. Guertin decided to encourage the yearbook crew to participate, “Part of it is guilt because I have never actually played in the staff side, because I am always worried that I can’t keep up with Mr. Stilinger, and so I still wanted to support the charity, and I thought that this would be a good way to get involved at least by sponsoring a team. But also, I feel like as yearbook we never got to do any bonding, we had to just jump right in and create our yearbook, and we never got to really become friends. I wish we could have done that in the beginning, but at least we will end it with friendship.” With the game itself in a few weeks, the crew will be revising their tactics and putting forth teamwork.

“I know off the top off of experience that this team, they are not quitters. And if we managed to put out a yearbook out with me not knowing what I was doing, then I know we can conquer basketball. we have a healthy attitude, and when in terms of competition, I think we can win,” predicted Guertin.

If you want to participate, bring a team form and donation to Mrs. Linden in the bookkeeper’s office.