Drama department hosts Cinderella audition workshop


J. Fitzgerald

Andrew Bray leads theatre students in an audition workshop. Auditions for the Fall musical begin on Tuesday September 3, 2019

After school on Friday August 30, the drama department hosted its annual audition workshop,  three days before the real audition for Cinderella, the Musical.

Andrew Bray, a professional actor, sound designer, musician, and coach,  led 40 of our Wilsonville thespians of all grades in breathing, singing and acting exercises. He also helped students practice our slate in front for a group of our peers and selected a few people to perform their audition in front of the troupe.

This is my third year attending the workshop and each time I have learned so much and loved seeing new people getting all the information they need to have an amazing audition. After all, auditioning is the scariest part of theater, even though it can also be the most exciting. Auditions have taught me so much and I think it’s important for anyone to have this kind of coaching because it’s very similar to a job or college interviews — you are putting yourself out there and even if you mess up you have to just keep on going.

Some key things Mr Bray talked about in this workshop were:

1) Be prepared (Have your sheet music or track, pick a song that is right for your voice and for the show you’re auditioning for, know your song well and be on time)

2) Be kind and respectful to everyone (The accompanist, directors, peers)  and just keep going if you mess up or kindly asked to start again.

3) Slate loud and clear (Say your name and your songs name and what it’s from) When you sing your song stand tall and bend your knees a little, use your diaphragm, pick a focal point, let your arms and hands help tell the story and have fun!

Auditions can be very scary and confusing so offering this audition workshop at Wilsonville is a Godsend to many people especially new thespians. It’s also an awesome way to get to know your theater troupe and get coached from a highly trained musical theater professional — all for free!