Meghann Yochim

Senior Meghann Yochim is one of the 2020 Springfest court members.  Yochim says she is excited to have the choreography all put together. One of the most challenging parts is switching the partners in the dance. She wanted to participate in Springfest because she thought it would be a fun thing to do with her boyfriend, Jared Wieland, before they both leave for college. 

One of her favorite things is being able to hang out with Jared. “We were running out of ideas of things to do to participate in the school and thought it would be something fun to do.” Yochim is excited to dress up and show off Jared and her talent in the talent. BJ is the choreographer and Meghann enjoys the humor and sense of ease that BJ brings. 

Meghann is nervous about the big performance, but also so excited. One of the main fears of all the participants is falling down during the big performance.