New hobbies during quarantine


Photo provided by the author

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time in quarantine!

Kate Brown, Oregon’s governor, insisted people to stay in quarantine due to the coronavirus. As of March 13th many people were forced to stay at home and not attend jobs or school. There has been a recent update that schools will be closed for the rest of the school year. As well as, businesses haven’t been told to go back to normal. Life has definitely changed over the last couple of months, but everyone is hoping and praying for everything to go back to normal soon. 

While being stuck in quarantine, the boredom has been off the scales. Many people were so in shock they didn’t know what to do. The first instinct was to rush to the store and grab all the toilet paper they could find. As stress is finally starting to slow down people have been trying to find ways to stay active. Picking up new hobbies has been the new trend to this quarantine time. The hobbies have been baking, cooking, board games, puzzles, working out, and gardening. During this time people are starting to realize what they’re grateful for and take nothing for granted.

Recently during quarantine my family has been doing a lot of puzzles. For an hour a day, my whole family gathers around a puzzle and works together. We try to problem solve. Nothing feels better than putting the last piece in the puzzle knowing that you did it together. Recently, I’ve also started to bake and cook. At least twice a week and cook dinner for my family. It’s a way to stay active and keep my mind busy. 

During this drastic time, it has helped people come together. Families are starting to get closer than ever before. People are starting to see the bigger picture on how grateful they are.