Seniors make the most of senior sunrise


Giselle Dodrill

Seniors Kaitlyn Morgan, Giselle Dodrill, and Reese Stalheim at senior sunrise. On September 8th students held their own senior sunrise at Memorial Park.

Senior sunrise is an annual tradition that many students anxiously await; an event where the senior class gathers together to watch the sunrise to commence their final year of high school. However, due to COVID-19 and unforeseen wind storms, the class of 2021 had a little bit of a different senior sunrise experience. Senior, Giselle Dodrill, a student who was more closely involved in the planning says, “We don’t know if the school will open back up at all this year. We didn’t want this to be taken away from us so we decided to take it into our own hands.” 

This past Tuesday, Wilsonville seniors held their own student-led senior sunrise at Memorial Park, a place that would be able to accommodate social distancing, to kick start the year. Many students posted about the event on social media to make sure everyone in this year’s senior class was included. The turnout was better than expected. Several students showed up bright and early to watch the sunrise. Giselle, who attended senior sunrise, says, “Some people were wearing masks and sitting apart and others were sitting with their friends that they’ve been hanging out with and just distancing themselves from others who they haven’t been in close contact with.” This being an outdoor event made it easier for the student to abide by social distancing rules as best as they could.

Students are doing their best to make the most of their senior year during these challenging times. Senior, Bridget LaFreniere, had a positive experience. Bridget says, “Honestly the start of our senior year isn’t ideal but everyone is trying to make the most of it, and that makes me very happy and grateful to be a part of.” She, along with many others, was happy to see everyone again after a long six months of being apart.