A New Pizza Place: Is it Here to Stay?


Photo taken and provided by the author

Miguel Tejeda and Anna Burkhead testing out the new Wilsonville MOD.

This year our small town of Wilsonville has gone to great lengths in order to expand our local cuisine. With a new Dutch, Mod, and even talk of Crumbl Cookies, good change is on the horizon.

Mod Pizza is basically like a Subway for pizza. They have an abundance of sauces, cheeses, and toppings. If you’re feeling indecisive they also have a menu of their most popular combos. Mod also has the option of salads and gluten free crusts. 

Prior to Mod coming to Wilsonville, the closest chain with a similar experience was Pieology. This was located a few exits up and in my opinion, doesn’t provide the same experience that Mod does. 

Mod officially opened their doors on October 13th. Before Mod’s official opening they were partially open while the employees were still in training. My friends, Anna, Miguel and I went to check it out on the 12th of October.

I was surprised by the urban atmosphere and friendly staff. Everyone was super helpful. The ringer informed us about the app where one can accumulate points. Everything that day was also half off which made the trip even more worth it.

Personally, I think Wilsonville was lacking in our pizza game prior to Mod going in. We didn’t have a pizza restaurant with an experience even halfway similar. 

Miguel Tejeda backs up this statement as well. When asked about the new joint he stated, “I think that the new Mod Pizza located in Wilsonville is a great addition to this town.” He also mentioned how it helps to complete the diversity of Wilsonville’s restaurant scene. Lunch Break!

Along with elevating cuisine in Wilsonville, Mod brings another important element. That element is style. The inside of the new Mod is BEAUTIFUL. So simple and clean. It’s also very open and quite large in size. This makes it the perfect location to go out to lunch or even study, and if you’re feeling it get some work done. 

Sophia Kleckner ate at Mod around 2 weeks after they opened. She too enjoyed the atmosphere and appreciated the varieties of toppings she was able to put on her salad. When asked about her first experience she exclaimed, “I thought that the customer service was good. All employees were hard working and friendly.”  

In conclusion, the Mod in Wilsonville has been a great addition thus far. I’m looking forward to seeing what other new chains pop up in Wilsonville over the next few years!