You can totally do your own acrylics during the lockdown


Photo provided by the author

A picture of some homemade nails.

Ladies, I know that everyone had a crisis during the first lockdown, praying for the next time you could get your nails done when the salons closed and now that we’re in our second lockdown I have the perfect solution for you. Getting a manicure is fun, makes you look cute and feel put together. Therefore, I’m sure we were all completely distressed when all nail salons shut down.

I for one, love having long acrylic nails and with dip powder I was able to grow mine to my desired length, but when the salons closed all of my hard work was ruined. First off let me tell you that powder is so much better for your nails, nothing hurts worse than breaking off an acrylic, they can leave your nails thin, brittle, and parched and cause damage to your natural nail beds.

The last time I got acrylics I smashed my thumb into a wall and my real nail broke off, it was traumatizing! Gel manicures can also cause nail brittleness, peeling and cracking, and the exposure to UV radiation from the nail curing lamp increases your risk for skin cancer. Dip powder on the other hand, is stronger than gel, lasts like acrylics, doesn’t need a light, and won’t ruin your nails or hurt as badly if it gets broken off, but it is also more spendy. 

Before the quarantine in March I had no idea how to paint my nails, even using regular polish, and my usually perfect nails were a disaster. I started to practice painting my nails and bought some gel polish, that didn’t require a UV Light, which was easier to apply because of the thickness. However, I still missed my long powder nails and when I discovered that there were kits I could buy to do them at home I determinedly started researching.

I longed to have my powder nails back but there were so many different nail kits and I couldn’t find a single one that wasn’t sold out or looked sketchy. I was about to give up hope until I finally stumbled across Peppi Gel Nails. This company sold all kinds of different colors of powder, the polish needed to activate and set the powder and everything else that goes into doing your nails. There was a starter pack that included the three polishes, one powder and an instruction sheet on how to do dip nails. I bought it and waited excitedly for my package to arrive.

When it finally came I did my first dip manicure with my bright sparkly blue powder and was so happy with how it turned out that I immediately ordered a bunch more colors and practiced doing my friends and sisters nails all the time. The starter pack comes with a nail buff but I eventually upgraded to a nail drill kit which I got from Amazon, it was a lifesaver and made my nails look super professional. I also learned how to properly remove the powder with acetone and much more skills from the Peppi Gel website which had dozens of tutorial videos.

Doing dip nails is so much easier than using regular polish and although learning how to use a nail drill was slightly challenging it was so worth it. 

Now i’d say i’m a bit of a professional and have explored so many different styles and nail art designs. I’m able to do my nails or my friends at any time and I will never again have to spend $60 dollars to sit in an uncomfortable chair for two hours to get a manicure.

If you want to save money, not get Corona and love acrylics I highly suggest learning how to do your own dip nails. With the $60 dollars you would have spent on acrylics for just two weeks, you could buy a nail kit to do your own powder nails for months. Also if you’re worried about having short nails you can buy a whole set of tips at Safeway for 7 bucks to apply on your nail until it grows out.

So girls during Corona you do not have to risk getting sick if you want bomb nails. Use this time to learn how to do your own acrylics and you could save hundreds of dollars and pick up a new hobby!