Christmas: a ray of sunshine in the dark clouds of 2020


Ava Stenstrom

Stenstrom family Christmas tree of this 2020 holiday season.

We all have suffered the hardships 2020 has brought upon us. From the violence in the middle east, bush fires down south, oil spills, protests, and the pandemic taking over 1.5 million lives, this year has been far from easy. The loss of jobs and skyrocketing unemployment has tanked the economy and caused a lot of trials among families and individuals alike. But, as we near the upcoming festivities, spirits are sure to rise! Nothing says happiness like the holidays and after the year we’ve had, I’d say the world deserves it. 

Kaitlyn Shkutnik, student of Wilsonville High school, shares what she most enjoys about this wonderful holiday. “Every Christmas the whole family is together,” Shkutnik states, “When everyone puts their Christmas pjs on and drinks hot cocoa and listens to Christmas music, it’s a great family bonding moment and it’s so special.” The holidays are always an excellent time to congregate with loved ones. Though circumstances may be different this year, a family reunion over zoom with a seasonal drink on a cold night will surely warm the hearts of many. 

Kaiya Shivers, fellow writer for the WBN, gives her insight on her own most loved aspects of Christmas. “My favorite thing about Christmas is giving my family and friends gifts because I love shopping and picking things out for people and wrapping them to see their reaction.” Giving being a major theme of this upcoming season allows the opportunity for reaching out to those in need. Send a card to a loved one! Participate in a local food or clothing drive! With the majority of stores closed this time of year or limiting occupancy, online shopping has been brought to a whole new level and no one has to wait for Cyber Monday! Feel free to glean those virtual shelves to your heart’s content. 

Whether you and your family celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, or Winter Solstice we hope you are looking forward to and enjoy this upcoming cheerful season!