The not too distant future of Wildcat sports

Will we, by the grace of the OSAA, get lucky somehow or some way?


The OSAA has provided a grace period to students once already. The next meeting will be held on 12/7.

At the outset of this academic year, the soul of the community was revitalized after being granted an initial season by the Oregon School Activities Association. No two ways about it. But then, as quickly as practices began, they ceased to exist… again. Now, we have sat here lethargically for about two weeks looking forward to next year. But, the OSAA has a chance to assist us once again. On Monday, there will be a meeting to determine the fate of athletics and activities pertaining to the foreseeable future.

In light of this vital decision, many Wildcats have taken to social media petitioning the governing organization to let them play again. Posts have been circulating with messages such as “OSAA, please let us play again.” It will remain to be seen whether these efforts are recognized or not.

For most kids sports are their path to success.”

— Kallen Gutridge


One thing that has been measured is the comparison in student body energy levels between when sports were underway and when they were not. It is a stark contrast, needless to say. On the subject of the importance of sports at WHS and beyond, freshman Kallen Gutridge volunteered his thoughts- “For most kids, sports are their path to success. Without the opportunity to play a sport, it is really concerning where some may end up.” Sports and activities are a vessel to unify us, as evident during the brunt of the social unrest seen in the country through recent memory. Acting in a world without this escape or figurative sanctuary puts a school community like ours that is long established as a multi pronged power across the four A’s (Arts, Athletics, Academics, Activities) at a steep disadvantage. But with a combination of hope, work and help (from the OSAA) WHS can cement its legacy as a united front once again.