Juniors must navigate new challenges regarding standardized tests


Maddy DuQuette

The April 4th was the first of many test dates cancelled in 2020. With few tests actually being held, the junior class faces tough decisions about standardized tests.

Junior year is notorious for many reasons including becoming an upperclassmen and increasingly difficult classes, but chief among them is the introduction of standardized tests.

While freshmen and sophomores often participate in the PSAT, junior year takes it to a new level with aims to prepare for college. In a traditional year, juniors take the PSAT in the fall and then take either the SAT or ACT once or multiple times in the spring. However, this may prove impossible for the class of 2022.

The senior class of 2021 has had their own share of troubles with standardized tests, as there have been very few held in Oregon since the shutdown in March. There are far too many students who need tests relative to the supply, and even those who are able to sign up usually have their tests canceled. Unfortunately, this issue does not appear to be resolving soon, bringing concerns and uncertainty for the junior class.

Additionally, although most colleges have gone test-optional or even blind for this admission cycle, many have yet to state whether this will continue for years to come, leaving current juniors wondering about the importance of standardized tests.

Junior Emme McCord expresses, “Some schools have become test-optional for 2022 but I’m still planning on taking the SAT because I’d rather have it just in case than not at all.” It is apparent that nobody truly knows what opportunities will be available to juniors in the future which puts even more stress and uncertainty on an already difficult year.

McCord continues by adding that she is preparing for the SAT in hopes that she will have the chance to take it, but without clear statements from many colleges, it is difficult to decide how to proceed. Some could forego considering test scores in the long term future or others could revert back to their ways with heavy emphasis on test scores as soon as the pandemic subsides.

Nevertheless, for now, it seems safe to continue to prepare for the SAT or ACT if you are able so juniors can be ready to face whatever the future holds.