Are eyelash extensions worth it?

Eyelashes or no eyelashes? An informative article with the pros and cons of these glamorous lashes.


Ava Stenstrom and Kaitlyn Shkutnik

Eyelash extension supplies can be seen on the left, and mascara can be seen on the right.

When getting eyelash extensions individual lashes are removed from a strip and individually glued onto each lash. This process can take up to two hours and cost upwards of 100 dollars. Is all of this worth it?

Lash extensions not only add volume to your lashes, but they also add length. Unlike a strip of falsies, extensions are individual lashes that you do not take off. This results in a much more natural look and they’re also much more comfortable. 

During your first appointment, you will need an extension applied to every one of your lashes, this is a pretty long process. However, during fills every two weeks, your lash artist will replace lashes that have fallen out making sure they continue to look just as glamorous and full as your first appointment. 

Senior Hailey Flick has had extensions a few times before. She really enjoyed them and affirmed, “I absolutely loved having them. I woke up in the morning and already felt ready. I also never had to worry about wearing mascara!” 

With extensions, there is no need for mascara, which can smudge throughout the day, and completely come off with water. However, with eyelash extensions your lashes always look fabulous, all you have to do is brush them and go! 

Madison Koellermeier, a senior, also added her opinions, “They were really nice to have, I liked not having to wear mascara. But they were very expensive and took a lot of time. I feel like for me they’re better to only get for a special occasion.” 

Because your eyelashes naturally shed every two weeks they do need to be filled about two times every month. The cost of this can add up quickly. Whether you decide to get them for special occasions or for everyday life, they are an amazing alternative to makeup. 

However, an issue that some have run into is allergic reactions to either the glue or eyelashes being applied. This can be solved by asking your lash artist to test putting an eyelash on, waiting for at least two days, and checking for any kind of reaction. 

Whether you decide to opt for these glamorous lashes for your everyday life or only special occasions such as a school dance you are guaranteed to love the final look and the much-needed break from mascara.