Are you ready to go back to school in-person?

2 seniors share their perspectives regarding the decision to reopen high schools come March.

February 3, 2021

The West-Linn Wilsonville School District is working hard towards opening up all of the schools, with the set day for the school to open for high schoolers is March 15th. Students who chose to be part of the hybrid program have the choice to either begin a hybrid schedule or remain at home and continue comprehensive distance learning. As the process of reopening school starts, are students ready to head back to school?

Abby’s thoughts

Hi, my name is Abigail Maoz and I really want to go back to in-person school, at least hybrid. By now we all have received the news that the school will probably be reopening in March for the first time in almost a year. I know there’s a wide variety of feelings about going back to school. I for one have been ready to go back for a long time. 

Honestly, I feel like I have been robbed of my senior year. Everyone knows that seniors have everything to look forward to like their last homecoming, last prom, and last sports season.  But I understand that with COVID-19 it’s not safe at all to be holding events like that. What I really feel is that my education has really taken a hit this year. I know I’m a senior who knows what I’m doing after high school (fortunately I made those plans as a junior). My goal for senior year was to build on my academic strengths for college, which has been nearly impossible to do from home. 

It’s important for us to go back to school as soon as possible. I feel that I have not gone as far academically as I should have as a second-semester senior. I am seeing major gaps in my learning due to a crunched class time. An example being taking an AP science course in 20 weeks when during a normal school year I would be getting roughly 40 weeks of that class. It’s difficult to cover AP material in the regular school year, impossible when it’s almost less than half. 

Finally, I feel that students are really lacking the social aspect of the school. Just physically being in a classroom with your peers has a tremendous impact on your learning. Everyone is more engaged with in-person lessons. As an example, lab work is vital to most science classes and online lab work is very limiting. Even with social distancing and extreme safety measures to attend school safely, it is worth it to be in a more enriching learning environment with others.

Kylie’s thoughts

Hi, my name is Kylie Hadden! I am a senior this year, and I am on the fence about returning to school.  Part of me wants to head to the school and experience my last year of high school. However, I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back to school just yet.

My main concern for being in-person at school is the health of others. As much as I want to see all my teachers and classmates, COVID-19 has to be taken very seriously. I personally have seen how the virus affects a person. I have close family and friends who are nurses and have shared their experiences of working during the pandemic. They share how it’s very difficult and exhausting working is to save the lives of as many patients as they can. I also have close family and friends who have had COVID-19. The exposure has caused many loved ones to pass away tragically.

Heading to school in-person will worry me more about my health as well as my family’s. Everyone is handling the pandemic differently. If I go to school, I’m unsure of what my classmates have been doing for the past few months. For me, it feels safer to stay home in an area where I can keep track of my own exposure. I also feel it is important to keep our staff and faculty safe & healthy. I feel that I’m doing my part to limit the exposure/transmission until we get vaccinated or the cases decline.

Another reason I would like to stay home is the flexibility and less stress. I have more freedom to study remotely and travel safely. I’m from California and love to visit friends and family. The pandemic has made it harder for my family to find a place to stay if we need to visit for an emergency. Staying home will give us the opportunity to quarantine on our own and watch our exposure, so it’s safer to travel.

Senior year is not what I expected it to be, but I’m trying to make the most out of it. It’s still great how I can be in contact with teachers and my friends in class. Comprehensive distance learning at home has given me more time for myself and quality time with my family. Although I’m not getting my final year of high school that I’ve always wanted, I’m more concerned for my safety and well-being so that I can look forward to my future.