Sophia Lochner

The Guest List

Looking for a book to keep you up at night trying to connect the small pieces of information you have collected? Then this is a book for you. The Guest List is a short psychological thriller about a wedding on a mysterious island off the coast of Ireland. The groom is a survival tv star and the bride is a magazine publisher. Their friends and family pass their week on the eerie island uncovering secrets about their pasts and angering each other beyond control. 

Although this book left me tossing and turning trying to figure out the truth, it was completely encapsulating. Some of my favorite features include the constant shift between characters which provided us with a more informative list of suspects as well as the jump in time between before and after the wedding. The book was equally fast paced and thrilling with an unexpecting ending. If mystery, psychological thrillers, and murder mysteries are your favorite whether that is in books or tv, this book is a must read.