Haley Graham

Senior, Maddy Duquette, smiling in the pretty flowers and posing for Haley Graham.

Senior Sunday photo dump!

Senior Sunday, defined by Urban Dictionary as “That day when all the senior girls in your high school post cute pictures of themselves”,  is a popular  hashtag on instagram that students use to post senior portraits and connect with seniors all over the world. I personally love seeing all my high school friends’ photo dumps on Sunday and it’s not just for girls. If you’re a fan of photography like I am, it’s the perfect way to discover our communities talented photographers. I thought it might be fun for some 2021 seniors to share their favorite photo and let us know who their photographers are, so juniors if you’re planning to get your senior photos taken this year, you may want to jot a few of these photographers down.



Raina Fawcett
Hailey Flick
Maddy Duquette
Ava Stenstrom
Kaitlyn Shkutnik
Madison Kollermeier
Sydney Burns
Abbi Nelson
Hunter Mcilmoil
Emilia Maxwell
Bella Glastra van Loon
Lily Wright
Sara Stewart
Clarissa Klein
Reese Stalheim
Kate Jeffries
Kaiya Shivers
Colby Guenther
Gus Ericson photographed by Lindsey Butterworth
Cason Dougal
Jackson Dean
Justin Slothower
Cade Butterworth
Riley Scanlan photographed by Valerie Roska
Shane Tacla
Bryan Rector
Hunter Napoli photographed by Corrie Costin
Cormac Lister photographed by Jake Young