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Senior Photos

Kaiya Shivers

Our amazing senior photographers

March 15, 2021

Juniors, I’m sure many of you are booking your summer senior photo sessions and planning out all of your outfits, but to those that haven’t even started to think about your senior photos, the deadline comes up faster than you think. Our amazing local senior photographers calendars are filling up fast so I would schedule your shoots ASAP! To make things a little easier for you guys I wanted to represent ten super talented Wilsonville photographers and give you the inside scoop, from Wilsonville students who have gone through the process, into what goes on in these senior shoots!

Haley Graham


Sam Karpeles

Haley Graham with her adorable dog Olive.

Haley has been shooting full time for ten years and has lived in Portland her whole life. You may know her on Instagram, @HaleyGrahamPhotography, for her stunning glowey shots with tons of flowers or New Years confetti shoots. Haley is unique in that she only uses natural light and she knows tons of locations for shoots, whether you want the city, sunflowers or a studio. Plus the day after your shoot you get to see some fully edited sneak peaks on her Instagram!

Haley declared, “Being a photographer is my absolute dream job because I get to work with the best people every single day. There is something different and just really special about seniors and the fact that I get to shoot with them is pure magic.” 

Checkout Haley’s blog where you’ll find a link to all of her socials and you can get in contact with her because her calendar gets filled fast!

Wilsonville senior, Maddy Duquette, gave me a run down of her senior shoot day  “First I went to the dahlia fields in Canby, then Haley and I drove to a field in LO and ended in downtown LO to get some urban shots. I changed once at each location in her little changing tent; super easy! I was so so tired by the end but it was so much fun!” Maddy also explained, “Haley is so good at directing you so the photos look great and she’s so nice! You’ll never feel uncomfortable with Haley.” When asked if Maddy would recommend Haley she exclaimed, “Absolutely! She’s an awesome person and I’m in love with how my photos turned out! Especially if you’re nervous about being in front of the camera, Haley will tell you exactly what to do to make them look great.”

Olivia Renee


Olivia Renee

Olivia and her camera

Olivia is known for her Senior Experience, which gives her seniors the air of a supermodel shoot and includes a custom location photoshoot, professional makeup, hair and much more! She is an Award Winning Natural Light Photographer in Portland and has been shooting seniors for over ten years. You may have seen her work on Instagram @OliviaReneeSeniors or know someone who’s been in her annual Senior Team of models.

Olivia shared “My goal is to empower every woman that steps in front of my camera and inspire them to see how beautiful they are, exactly as they are.” Visit Olivia’s blog to see her work and to get into contact with her!

Gabby Prusse, a Wilsonville Junior and member of Olivia’s Senior Team, shared with me about her experiences shooting with Olivia. “She is able to show my personality in all of the photos and she has great ideas for possible photo shoots. She also has great style which helps when picking out outfits and she has a hair stylist and a makeup artist to do all of our makeup.” Gabby added “She is so outgoing and always makes me laugh.”

Lindsey Butterworth

Everyone at Wilsonville High School has seen Lindsey’s beautiful work. She has shot dozens of Wilsonville seniors; including her son who we all know, Cade Butterworth. Lindsey is a film inspired portrait and lifestyle photographer, she shoots all over the Pacific-Northwest and beyond and uses natural light for her signature portraits.

When asked why she loves what she does Lindsey answered, “I am blessed to meet so many wonderful people through my work, my high school seniors are among my favorites! They bring an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and they are open to my crazy ideas for locations and posing instructions. I’m sure plenty of them think I’m a bit nuts but I’ll do whatever it takes to capture genuine smiles. One of the most rewarding aspects of my business is taking a client who says in the beginning, “I don’t take good photos” and delivering a gallery to them that they love and helps them realize just how beautiful/handsome they really are.”

You can find Lindsey on Instagram @road40 and you may see more than a few Wilsonville Seniors on her page! Also go check out her blog to see more of her beautiful work

Senior Justin Slothower shared why he recommends Lindsey, “I like how she has an eye for certain things, and she listens to your interests and wants for your photos. I also like how simplistic she is. The photos turned out very good in every setting.” One of Justin’s favorite things about his photos was “The locations. I got to shoot where I grew up, so it made them more special.”

Randall Leitch


Randall Leich

Randall Leich

Randall is a natural light portrait photographer based in Wilsonville, she is also the assistant director at Innovative Dance, Wilsonville’s local dance studio. She has a degree in film production from PSU and has shot tons of Wilsonville seniors and knows all the secret sports for amazing shoots near Wilsonville.

Randal revealed, “I’m not great with words. I’m terrible at landscape photography and at most other forms of art for that matter. But they say a picture is worth 1000 words, and taking photos of people is my preferred form of communication. It brings me joy to capture who people really are through my lens. Come as you are.”  You can find her on Instagram @Randallleitchphoto or check out her blog

Wilsonville grads, Emma Kaleikilo and Kylie Hix, shared why they love Randi, “I’ve known Randi my entire life. She’s been photographing me even before she started her business. She always makes me feel so special and I always have the best time going out with her and shooting,” Emma explained. Kylie exclaimed, “She’s so kind and bubbly. Never a quiet moment with Randi and she does a great job in making you feel comfortable. I also love her ideas for posing considering I am so bad at posing for a photo.” When asked if they would recommend Randi Emma said, “YES. I love her so much. I’m really into more natural looking outdoor photos and she makes that happen and makes you feel special.” Kylie added, “She gives great rates for how high quality of photos she takes as well as such a great experience that she provides. She can do solo pics, friend shoots, couples shoots, and so much more. She is versatile and very skilled as well as just a nice human being to hang around.”

Brittany Sharday


Brittany Sharday

Brittany Sharday

Brittany is an Oregon photographer who is ready for any adventure thrown her way! She’s available for travel photography and her mission is to create honest imagery that moves people and makes a connection. Brittany shared, “I absolutely love doing senior portrait photography! Senior year is such an exciting and pivotal time in your life, and I get to help you express all the feelings of the moment. My approach is artistic, creative, and a little moody, topped with a whole lot of style against a killer natural backdrop. I love what I do, and I wanna show you why!”

Photography is her main love and by taking a look at her instagram @BrittanyShardayPhoto you will see why people love her unique soulful style. For more of her work check out her blog

Sara Stewart, a WVHS Senior, shared about her shoot with Brittany, “I picked 3-5 options of outfits trying to get a different vibe or even season for each outfit to have a variety. I also then went down to Portland and me and my photographer explored and drove to multiple parts of Portland to have a variety of backgrounds and locations.” Sara added “I would recommend Brittany because she gives you 250+ photos that are all edited and she offers a lower price than many other photographers.”

Jake Young


Jake Young

Jake Young

Jake Young

Jake, a Wilsonville High School Alumni, is a brilliant Oregon based photographer who has previously shot many theater productions at Wilsonville as well as tons of Wilsonville Seniors and acapella groups.

Jake confided, “I would say the reason why I’m so passionate about photography is that it can bring so much joy to people. I really try to work with anyone I can, even if they don’t have the budget for it. Everyone deserves to have at least one nice photo of themselves. I think that’s really important. “If you check out his Instagram @Jaketheyoung I promise you’ll fall in love with his unique Senior portraits and for more of his work, take a look at his blog

Cormac Lister, a Wilsonville Senior, took his senior photos with Jake and gave me some insight about his shoot day. “It was nice and sunny, and we were near the water. Jake already had a great idea of good spots for pictures, and how they might look. All I had to do was pose, and he did all the leg work, made the day super easy and super fun!” Cormac also shared why he would recommend Jake. “He comes well prepared, he is nice and makes you feel comfortable, he is great with angles, editing, and locations, and he was great at giving any ideas I had life!”

Emma Gaty


Emma Gaty

Emma Gaty

Emma, a senior and fashion photographer and videographer, shoots glowey gorgeous portraits all over the pacific northwest and travel locations. Her instagram features tons of candid easy breezy shots of her models all from the pacific coast to california! She is also the founder of the FEMEMPIRE, an internship program of seniors who are tasked with executing their own service projects, you can find out more @welcometothefemmeempire, and to see Emma’s work follow her on Instagram @Emmagatyphoto or check out her blog

Abbi Nelson, a WVHS senior, shared what she loved about her photos, “All of the photos looked very sunny and warm and Emma was casual, funny and made everything go really smooth. She was also really nice and made me feel a lot less awkward when shooting.”

Valerie Roska


Valerie Roska

Valerie Roska

You’ve undoubtedly seen Valeries work, as she does tons of Wilsonville Seniors portraits. Valerie shared with me “I’m a natural light photographer here in Wilsonville specializing in seniors, families, friends and teens. I love capturing special memories to be treasured for years to come!” If you want to check her out her Instagram is @ValerieRoskaphotography and she has all of her info on her website

Senior Colby Garnett told me about his shoot with Valerie, “Valerie was very nice and friendly. I liked talking with her and she made the process relaxed and easy. I would recommend her because she was friendly and I’m happy with how my pictures turned out. I really liked the background and the nature of Graham’s oak. The colors unexpectedly went with my outfits really well.”

Corrie Coston

Corrie has a fun and laid back approach to her senior sessions so there’s no stress and she loves to capture the uniqueness of each of her seniors when taking photos! She has shot tons of Wilsonville Seniors and if you head over to her Instagram @corriecostonphotography you’ll probably see a few familiar faces. When asked why Corrie does what she does Corrie responded, “There’s nothing better than being able to record people at major milestones in their lives. I love capturing a high school senior’s unique spirit at such an important moment in time.” If you want to get in contact with Corrie or see more of her work go to her website

Sydney Burns, a senior, and Bella Kleiner, a WVHS grad, filled me in on their shoot experiences. Sydney walked me through her shoot, “She was very flexible on date and time, had a good price and she did a good job getting to know me to make my photos more comfortable and the pictures we got back resemble me. I had three different locations so my mom and I scouted out the locations the day of. I was actually really nervous the day and week of so I couldn’t even eat very much. But I took a shower a couple hours before my shoot and then did my hair and makeup. I had some clothes and outfit changes that I borrowed from friends and ironed to make them look fresh. Then I went and did it!” Bella added, “Corrie made the whole photo shoot comfortable. She made me feel very confident and let me take full reign on what I wanted to do. Corrie is also super funny, nice and will make your photo shoot all about you! She puts you first.”


Kara Banta


Kara Banta


Kara grew up in Oregon and has made her passion into a career by taking family, maternity & youth, couples and senior portraits for clients in the community. If you scroll through her Instagram @KaraBantaPhotos you will see plenty of pretty flowers, cute babies and shoots in nature. To see more of her works go to her website

Senior, Shane Tacla, got his portraits done by Kara and exclaimed, “She made the whole process a lot of fun and they were easy and fast!”

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