Randall Leitch

March 15, 2021


Randall Leich

Randall Leich

Randall is a natural light portrait photographer based in Wilsonville, she is also the assistant director at Innovative Dance, Wilsonville’s local dance studio. She has a degree in film production from PSU and has shot tons of Wilsonville seniors and knows all the secret sports for amazing shoots near Wilsonville.

Randal revealed, “I’m not great with words. I’m terrible at landscape photography and at most other forms of art for that matter. But they say a picture is worth 1000 words, and taking photos of people is my preferred form of communication. It brings me joy to capture who people really are through my lens. Come as you are.”  You can find her on Instagram @Randallleitchphoto or check out her blog https://www.randallleitchphoto.com

Wilsonville grads, Emma Kaleikilo and Kylie Hix, shared why they love Randi, “I’ve known Randi my entire life. She’s been photographing me even before she started her business. She always makes me feel so special and I always have the best time going out with her and shooting,” Emma explained. Kylie exclaimed, “She’s so kind and bubbly. Never a quiet moment with Randi and she does a great job in making you feel comfortable. I also love her ideas for posing considering I am so bad at posing for a photo.” When asked if they would recommend Randi Emma said, “YES. I love her so much. I’m really into more natural looking outdoor photos and she makes that happen and makes you feel special.” Kylie added, “She gives great rates for how high quality of photos she takes as well as such a great experience that she provides. She can do solo pics, friend shoots, couples shoots, and so much more. She is versatile and very skilled as well as just a nice human being to hang around.”

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