Corrie Coston

March 15, 2021

Corrie has a fun and laid back approach to her senior sessions so there’s no stress and she loves to capture the uniqueness of each of her seniors when taking photos! She has shot tons of Wilsonville Seniors and if you head over to her Instagram @corriecostonphotography you’ll probably see a few familiar faces. When asked why Corrie does what she does Corrie responded, “There’s nothing better than being able to record people at major milestones in their lives. I love capturing a high school senior’s unique spirit at such an important moment in time.” If you want to get in contact with Corrie or see more of her work go to her website

Sydney Burns, a senior, and Bella Kleiner, a WVHS grad, filled me in on their shoot experiences. Sydney walked me through her shoot, “She was very flexible on date and time, had a good price and she did a good job getting to know me to make my photos more comfortable and the pictures we got back resemble me. I had three different locations so my mom and I scouted out the locations the day of. I was actually really nervous the day and week of so I couldn’t even eat very much. But I took a shower a couple hours before my shoot and then did my hair and makeup. I had some clothes and outfit changes that I borrowed from friends and ironed to make them look fresh. Then I went and did it!” Bella added, “Corrie made the whole photo shoot comfortable. She made me feel very confident and let me take full reign on what I wanted to do. Corrie is also super funny, nice and will make your photo shoot all about you! She puts you first.”


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