Lauren Hurley commits to the United States Air Force Academy

Shooting for the stars, in more ways than one


photo provided by Lauren Hurley

Lauren Hurley repping her Air Force Gear. She will continue her rifle career while training to become a cadet.

Seniors from Wilsonville have been signing their letters of intent for months now, but Lauren Hurley is taking the honor of collegiate competition to a new level. Her unique sport, rifle shooting, sets her apart to begin with, and her recent commitment to the United States Air Force Academy is yet another impressive achievement. 

Hurley is on track to join about 4,000 other cadets while furthering her rifle career. “At the end you become an officer and serve five years,” Hurley explained, “you learn certain leadership skills and responsibilities that no other college offers”.

After 6 years of hard work at Tri-County Gun Club, Hurley gets to continue competing at a D1 level. “I have put so much hard work into achieving my goals. I’m just so grateful that it paid off and my dreams are coming true,” Hurley exclaimed. Her sights have been set on the USAFA since 8th grade, and Colorado Springs is among her favorite cities in the country. 

“I’m really excited for meeting new people, having new experiences, improving my shooting skills, and being coached by retired national and Olympic athletes,” Hurley added. She is thrilled to push herself above and beyond in the tight knit community that is the USAFA. 

With medals from multiple state competitions and several Junior Olympics, it’s likely that we’ll hear more about Hurley’s successful rifle career in the future. We wish Hurley lots of luck, and thank her in advance for her service! Congratulations Lauren!