The countdown to graduation


Bella Glastra van Loon

Seniors Abigail Maoz, Kylie Hadden, Halle Isaak, Peyton Tolboe, and Kate Jeffries at their senior photo!

The countdown to graduation has begun for Wilsonville High School seniors! June 4th marks the last day of school and June 10th is their graduation day. 

The days at school are limited and seniors have a lot to do before graduation day! Senior Jadyn Sherry says, “I have some late work to finish before the end of the year. Time is going by so fast and I need to get everything done before the 4th.” 

Sherry isn’t the only student who is falling a little behind and is worried about getting all their work done in these next two weeks. Senior, Linnea Collett says, “I have a lot of work for my AP classes that haven’t had exams yet.”

School work isn’t the only focus in preparation for the end of the year. Seniors look forward to the graduation preparation like finding the perfect dress or outfit, getting your hair done, etc. Sherry says, “I haven’t found a dress yet and that is stressing me out because graduation is so soon!”

Moral of the story, there’s a lot to do before June and seniors are running out of time!