What is the WVHS snowboard team?

As the warm weather fades, and fall hits the area in full force, one can only think of what the cold weather will bring–snow on the cascades! And with it, the WVHS snowboard team’s season is able to begin. 

Junior Brennan Martin participated during the 2019-2020 season and had only positive things to say about his time spent on the team: “It was a good experience. It’s really friendly with all skill levels and just a really accepting and fun place to be.” 

In regards to the actual snowboarding side of it, he explained they would go up to the mountain as a group twice a week. While on the mountain, “You just kind-a ride for a couple hours; we went to Meadows on Mount Hood, and you just kind of hang out with your friends, snowboard, and then do a competition every few weeks.” When the sporadic competitions came up, they would always occur on the weekends. 

Overall, Martin described a comfortable, laid-back environment, and an enjoyable atmosphere to partake in throughout the colder months of the year. 

The WVHS snowboard team is planning on hosting a booth at the WVHS Club Fair on Friday, October 15th.