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Parkrose showcase

Aylenna Busse, staff writer

October 23, 2018

From Dance being a very competitive sport throughout the season, All the dance teams enjoy getting together before that season starts. The dance showcase taken place at Parkrose was a very exciting event to attend. In which this ...

Soul’d Out

Aylenna Busse, staff writer

October 22, 2018

Soul'd out is an astonishing music program our school has. They have worked very hard to get the place that they are at now, last year they went to  New York to show off their talent to the big city which was unbelievable. Ju...

Artist spotlight: Isaac Boger

Peyton Butler, Staff Writer

October 21, 2018

Isaac Boger is a Senior at Wilsonville High School. This will be his second year taking Advanced Art 4. Artists in Art 4 have a focus or concentration, which is a theme that the artist follows for the whole year. Boger says that...

Are we really an art school?

Aylenna Busse, staff writer

October 15, 2018

Art is something that make you think and makes you curious of different things that you wouldn't think of. Luckily for Wilsonville High School, there are some astonishing artists as well as amazing art programs the school has to ...

The outlook of dance

The outlook of dance

October 15, 2018

Peyton Butler’s art of theater

Isaac Boger, Editor

October 14, 2018

Few students can find the time to do both drama and the visual arts, but Senior Peyton Butler has found a way to balance both in her life. This year Peyton will perform in Legally Blonde: The Musical in what will be her third year ...

Monica Mitchell inspiration to fellow artists

Aylenna Busse, Staff writer

October 3, 2018

AP sculpture is doing magnificent pieces that are inspired by Monica Mitchell. Monica Mitchell is an artist that explores with the contrast of colors as well as shapes and forms that travel through her boundaries in her sculpture...

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