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Berkley and Suhaan engage in a sophisticated conversation about politics
Should politics be discussed in school?
Hector Baltazar, Staff Writer • December 2, 2022

Politics play a major part in everyone's lives whether they know it or not, and some people are more engaged in it than others are and this is no different in a school environment.  But the question is whether such a...

The 2022-2023 Q1 Paw Prints front page
SPORTS: full color?
Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer • December 1, 2022

Open any edition of the Paw Print, and the only pages in full color besides the front and back are in the SPORTS section, starred in the center of the paper. Scroll through, and the...

This is the beginning of an art piece by Cameron Azizi. He is actively working on this portrait and hopes to add it to his portfolio soon.
Creativity and College Board collide
Claudia Molatore, Reese Buchanan, Sophia Day, and Trevor Budiao November 10, 2022

AP classes are known for their large work loads, and fast paced difficult subject matters. AP Art defies some of those expectations, and introduces new challenges for students.  The AP Art class requires students to choose...

The event took place on November 2nd, and was a magical celebration. Students and Wilsonville community members came to play games, eat food, and more!
Día de los Muertos celebration: a delightful culmination of love and culture
Claudia Molatore, Arts Editor • November 4, 2022

The Día de los Muertos celebration took place the night of November second at WVHS, and was a spectacular combination of art, culture, and remembrance. This event featured sugar skull decorating, face painting, dancing,...

El presidente del MEChA, Héctor Baltazar, posa con el poster del Día de los muertos, animando a todos a asistir
¡El festival del Día de los Muertos vuelve a Wilsonville!
Hector Baltazar, Staff writer • November 1, 2022

Después de 3 años de ausencia el festival del día de los muertos por fin ha vuelto. El festival, que suele celebrarse en los meses de octubre...

Senior Gabrielle Guertin having some fun on inlaid skates. Students enjoy getting together to hand out and skate.
Rollerskating revival in Wilsonville
Ainsley Mayes, Guest Writer • June 22, 2022

With not much better to do during the spring and summer of 2020, from whipped coffee, to crochet, to animal crossing, we’ve all seen our fair...

ap chem!!
Students react to AP Chemistry!
Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer • December 2, 2022

AP Chemistry, taught by Ms. Kilpatrick, is often advertised as one of the hardest AP Science courses to take. It’s an expansion on General...

AP Physics
AP Physics gains momentum!
Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer • December 2, 2022

AP Physics C: Mechanics with Mr. Koll, is arguably one of the hardest classes that WHS offers. Not many students take the course since it requires...

AP Bio !!
Students adapt to AP Biology!
Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer • December 2, 2022

AP Biology is taught by Mr. Schuster. As an expansion on General Chemistry and Biology, which are both prerequisites to the course, you learn...

Advance Placement courses challenge young scientists
Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer • December 2, 2022

Students take Advanced Placement courses in sciences, humanities, mathematics, arts, and more! This series takes a dive into each AP Science...

Students pretend to be two glucose molecules.
If you were a molecule...
Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer • December 2, 2022

For Carbon Day (December 1st, for Carbon’s atomic mass, 12.01) the following question was asked to several students: If you were a molecule, any molecule at all, which one would you be? There is no trickery, it’s quite...

This is a classic Computer Science joke about 10 people: those who know binary, and those who dont.
Programmed to Celebrate
Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer • December 1, 2022

From December 5th-9th 2022, we celebrate CS Education Week. Proponents and participants of CS Education Week believe that everyone should be educated in what’s becoming increasingly fundamental to our world’s ability...

Seating arrangements in Mrs. Lockwoods algebra class. She splits students up in small groups.
Seating arrangements and learning
Lily Arzie, Staff writer • November 18, 2022

Seating arrangements vary at Wilsonville High School-- some teachers follow certain arrangements, while others do the complete opposite. Students and teachers are here to share how their learning can benefit from the format...

First period American History Through Film class gets ready for class to start.
American history through film class
Hope Williams, Staff Writer • November 16, 2022

American History Through Film is a new class this year that has been added to Wilsonville High School's list of History classes. This class is mainly for juniors and seniors, which is only a semester-long class.  They...

Sam, senior, can be seen listening to music. He will continue to listen while talking with fellow classmates.
Modern music: How the internet has shaped it
Kate Kurata, Staff Writer • December 2, 2022

Music is people. Music changes with people, and people change with music. We can see popular genres and styles in each century and how it has developed with society and people--jazz and blues in the 1960s being one. In the...

The power of BeReal captured in this picture featuring Lydia Harms, Claudia Molatore and Isabel Márquez.
BeReal is really real—fo real
Isabel Marquez Flores, Staff Writer • December 2, 2022

For two minutes each day, this simple app is a mundane collection of everyday scenes you would never see on any of the other big-name social media apps: Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok; BeReal is about getting a surprise...

Student Government or No?
Student Government or No?
December 1, 2022
One of the book club presidents, Anthea Goh, presenting the programs newest flyer. She is one of three presidents--all of whom are working to improve the club bit by bit in the coming year.
Book Club enters a new era
November 18, 2022
Wilsonville Girls soccer celebrating after 2-1 victory. This is their second state title in a row.
Girls soccer season recap
Natalie Kendig and Sammie Baker November 18, 2022

Wilsonville girls soccer had an extremely successful 2022 season. They went 13-5-1 this year and 7-0-1 during league, making them NWOC league champions. But that's not it. Wilsonville girls soccer was also pronounced state...

Helena Jones and Makenna Weipert pose with their future schools’ flags. (Part 2/2)
Photojournalism: Helena Jones and Makenna Weipert among four college-bound athletes
Fiona Dunn, Editor-in-Chief • November 14, 2022


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The 97070 Show
Twitter Feed
John and Jonah bring you their takes on professional and high school basketball.
Through the Net: A WBN podcast
Jonah Sandall, Staff Writer • November 30, 2022

On the inaugural episode, Jonah and John talk about the Blazers hot start to the season, what's working for them, and standout players early...

The Upperclassmen Podcast cover art designed by Elizabeth Harris.
The Upperclassmen Podcast
Elizabeth Harris and Regan Loonstyn April 18, 2022

Elizabeth Harris and Regan Loonstyn walk the halls of Wilsonville High School to get advice form upperclassmen to help the underclassmen...

The current book club pick is Any Sign of Life by Rae Carson. This month, their theme is science fiction.
Podcast: book recommendations from the leaders of the WHS book club
Elia Bartlett, Managing Editor • March 18, 2022

In this podcast, book club co-presidents Anthea Goh, Macy Moore, and Elia Bartlett discuss books of different genres that high schoolers with...