Hi I’m Bella Glastra van Loon and I am a newer fan of Olivia Rodrigo ever since High School Musical the Musical the Show. Even though she is so young, her debut album is incredible and I found it hard to rank because there were so many great songs. I am so excited to see where she goes with her musical career!

1. good 4 u

The nostalgic angry pop rock is just impossible to compete with not to mention it is incredibly catchy.

2. traitor

What a fantastic song to cry in the shower to wow these lyrics and harmonies are beautifully tragic.

3. jealousy, jealousy

Olivia Rodrigo really nailed the constant comparisons felt by teenagers in this track. With the addition of the chaotic piano, the song perfectly captures teen angst. 

4. happier

Another great heartbreak song with lyrics that stick in your brain for days not only because they are catchy but also relatively profound.

5. deja vu

The second single is a great song to add to your summer playlist with adorable instrumentals and great imagery. 

6. brutal

I just loved this song when I first started listening to the playlist but it ended way too soon and I found myself waiting for more after the bridge.

7. drivers license

Olivia came out with a bang with this first single. We have definitely screamed this song in the car on multiple occasions but in comparison with the rest of the album, it is not as good not to mention it is a little bit overplayed at this point. 

8. favorite crime

It is hard to put this song so far down because I love it. The lyrics are beautiful and much more complex than a lot of her other songs but the instrumental aspects are a little simple. 

9. hope ur ok

I really enjoyed the storytelling of the song but I didn’t really connect to the song as much as others.

10. enough for you

It is really hard to put songs this far down on the list but again the simplicity of the instrumental side of the song puts it lower on the list. 

11. 1 step forward, 3 steps back

This is one of the few songs I find myself skipping. I liked the idea but I would rather listen to New Year’s Day.