Hi, my name is Halle Isaak! I’ve known about Olivia Rodrigo since she starred in High School Musical, the Musical, the Series on Disney+ premiering back in 2019. When she released Drivers License back in January of this year, I knew she had so much talent and her debut album, whenever it was to be released, was going to be amazing. She did not disappoint so here is my current, but will probably change next week, rankings of SOUR.

1. traitor

The first slower song on the album and it is truly magical. Her backing vocals, the lyrics, the production of the song, everything is perfect!

2. Happier

A piano based but still quite produced masterpiece! Happier catches all of the emotions after you accept a breakup when you’re trying to be happy for them but not as happy as when you were together.

3. brutal

This is one of the best opening tracks of any album I’ve ever heard. It takes so many turns style wise, yet it all flows together and is overall such a fun song. And can’t forget to mention how relatable the lyrics are as a fellow 18 year old girl.

4. good 4 you

This screams early 2000s teenage rom com with the main character trying to get over a boy who hurt her. Such good vibes, it’s basically impossible to not love this song.

5. jealousy, jealousy

I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of this song when I heard it the first time, but after listening to it multiple times, it once again gives early 2000s angry teenage vibes which makes it so fun.

6. drivers license

It’s probably a very unpopular opinion to rank this song so high after being the first single, but it truly took me so much by surprise with how good it was when I first heard it that it will always have a spot higher on my list.

7. hope ur ok

This is probably the most mature song on the album which also happens to be the final song. It contains pretty sad lyrics that make you think about your own life situations which I feel was a powerful move to end the album with this.

8. enough for you

Once again, very relatable lyrics, especially being the same age as Rodrigo. You can feel the emotion she has when she sings these lyrics which always makes a song more magical.

9. 1 step forward, 3 steps back

Being a sample song of Taylor Swift’s New Years Day off of her album reputation made me fall in love with this song. The piano of both of these songs are beautiful, but Rodrigo’s version just can’t beat out the original for me.

10. deja vu

Her second single off this album which also happens to be my least favorite of the three singles she released. Not sure what makes it so low on the list since it is a beautiful song, but it can’t beat out any of the rest.

11. favorite crime

The fact that this song is at the bottom of the list shows how amazing each and every song on this album is. It’s simply at the bottom because overall all the other songs I loved more throughout the whole song when only the final chorus and bridge of favorite crime stand out to me.