Friday night cat-fight


Fiona Dunn

Logan Thieby up close and personal with the rim as he gets the bucket.

Wilsonville’s boys’ varsity team battled the Molalla in a competitive match-up. While the score did not reflect it, the game was extremely physical and aggressive.

Just minutes into the first quarter a player from Molalla got a technical foul, and the Cats got a single bonus in the first half, followed by a double bonus in the second.

One thing that stood out during the game was the Cats’ shooting percentage on buzzer-beaters, with an outstanding 3-for-3 stat line. Sophomore Maxim Wu made the first two, and junior Enzo Chimenti made the third.

The cats really fought their hearts out during such a physical and rough game, but managed to keep their heads on straight and play the Wildcat way.

The ending score was 69-22–Wildcat win!