Seniors enjoy their senior skip day at the beach


Gus Ericson

Seniors enjoy their skip day at the beach.

On Friday, our class of 2021 seniors enjoyed the senior skip day by spending the day at the beach in Pacific City. Seniors were unsure whether we’d have a designated skip day or not this year due to the wonky schedule, and many have even said “with zoom class, every day is skip day;” however, this impromptu skip day was a nice treat and offered a sense of normalcy back to this year’s senior class.

Over 50 people flocked to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City on Friday to spend the day with the rest of the class. The beach fun included spikeball, soccer, and a bonfire to top off the night. While the water was far too cold to swim in, the weather was beautiful with a clear blue sky. Many seniors climbed the large dune at Cape Kiwanda, though maybe just once as the howling winds created a bit of a sandblasting effect on the dune…

The skip day was hopefully a sign of fun to follow as we head into our last week of high school together. I think many fellow seniors feel robbed of the common senior experiences older classes have enjoyed and after all the hardships we’ve endured everyone is glad to be on the right track. Our last day of school will be a blast as we will finally get to have everyone together at in-person school for one last hooray.