Class of 21 is heading out…with scholarships!


Class of 2021 stand on the main field at Randal Stadium, creating a 21. Photo belongs to WBN

The 2020-2021 school year is coming to a close and our seniors are about to graduate! What a crazy year! As the seniors last day was June 4th, it is time to recognize some of our seniors for the hard work they have put in towards earning college scholarships! There was $54,110 in scholarships announced this year! 

Each scholarship that was given was rightfully earned by the hardwork and dedication of our seniors this year. We wish them luck in their future endeavors and send out a big thank you to each of the organizations that offered scholarships this year! 

Here is the list of students who earned scholarships, the organization offering the scholarships, and the amount each student received for the scholarship: 


Student Organization Amt
Jadyn Sherry Rotary $2,500
Carly Shanklin Rotary $2,500
Roxana Sotelo Laureano Rotary $2,500
Lauren Ellett Rotary $2,500
Carly Shanklin Lions $1,000
Olga Ishimwe Express $1,000
Lui Blomberg MAP $500
Carly Shanklin MAP $1,000
Olga Ishimwe Supt $1,000
Roxana Sotelo Laureano Supt $1,000
Kylie Hadden Supt $1,000
Thomas Johnson Supt $1,000
Kevin Celis Supt $1,000
Lui Blomberg Supt $1,000
Shelby Parrack Supt $1,000
Thomas Johnson Holly $2,000
Grace Mager Holly $1,000
Caleb Wilde Holly $1,000
George Krecklow WUFC $1,000
Alice Kang UMC $750
Caden Keyston Senestraro $1,000
Kyra Allen Kaiser $5,000
Payton Southwick Providence Newberg $1,500
Riley Scanlan Booster Club $1,000
Kaiya Shivers Booster Club $1,000
Kullen Whittaker Booster Club $1,000
Alice Kang Booster Club $1,000
Maura Schramm Booster Club $1,000
Carly Shanklin Booster Club $1,000
Carter Troha Booster Club $1,000
Cameron Koenig Booster Club $1,000
Lauren Ellett Booster Club $1,000
Lui Blomberg Booster Club $1,000
Jadyn Sherry Booster Club $1,000
George Krecklow Booster Club $1,000
Riley Scanlan American Red Cross $2,500
Claire Baker CCC Academic Incentive $1,680
Thomas Johnson CCC Honors Scholarship $2,500
Erik Tran CCC Opportunity Scholarship $1,680
Total $54,110