Scratch fight with Scappoose! Cats take the dub 55-44

Boys Varsity Basketball team during halftime.

Alexis McIlmoil

Boys Varsity Basketball team during halftime.

This was not a game to miss! The Cats played Scappoose tonight, and up until the 4th quarter was barely scraping by. The game started off with the cats down 4-0, but with a few fast breaks and quick ball movement, we were able to stick with them and bring up the score.

Needless to say, it was a catfight! Both teams were aggressive, and Scappoose definitely came with aggression and started with it right off the bat! Our Senior duo was not a duo tonight together, but they each assisted other memebers of the team and flew solo with some three-pointers.

Maxim Wu, Sophmore, and Cason Dougal went off tonight as a team forcing turnovers and assisting each other, as well as playing extravagent defense. Scappoose came out ready to play from the start, but our Cats sure did disrupt their flow ending the game to a solid 11 point lead.