First day fashion


Sydnie Bierma

Seniors outside the point on their first day repping a plethora of kids backpacks. Author (Sydnie Bierma), Anna Burkhead, Miguel Tejeda, Claire Ihlenburg, and Hannah Kelso’s backpack.

With in person school on the horizon students are busy crafting their first day looks in an attempt to put their best foot forward for the 2021 school year. This year on the first day I expect to see lots of trendy pieces: patterned pants, Nikes or platform Converse, and some simple baggy jeans. I also expect to see lots of dresses and fancier clothes in the hallway given students haven’t had the opportunity to strut their stuff in quite a while. 

As far as senior fashion goes I expect to see bolder looks. Many students will try daring looks with lots of color or even plan on doing something fun and coordinated like matching kids backpacks. Guys and girls this year purchased $15 kids backpacks just for the heck of it. Senior Connor Atwood when asked about his backpack choice stated, “In my personal opinion I don’t think anyone outdid my Frozen backpack, but there were some other great ones as well.” 

Another thing seen quite a bit on the first day were fun shoes. Platform Converse and clean Nikes strutted through the hallways in so many different colors. Junior Ella Hubka has plenty of options when it comes to fun shoes. She owns a pair of bright orange platform Crocs. When asked about them she stated, “They make me a good two inches taller!” This is definitely a benefit of platform shoes. I believe many people will be sporting these fun shoes this year.

No matter what your personal style is, it’s important to have school spirit and exude confidence. This is especially true after the long break from school we had due to the pandemic.