Wilsonville tops Westview 6-2


Fiona Dunn

Freshman Kenley Whittaker skillfully juggles the ball as the Cats attempted to extend their lead in the first half.

On Thursday, September 9th, the Wilsonville Wildcats Varsity girls soccer team went head to head with Westview and ran with a 6-2 victory.

Right off the bat, Wilsonville had an explosive offense, and Westview was not prepared. Only 13 minutes into the game, Lindsey Antonson scored the first goal of the game, with Wilsonville in the lead. Less than 4 minutes later, Wilsonville is back on the offense and scores yet another goal against Westview off of a penalty kick. 

At this point, Westview starts to push back, and quite alarmingly score 2 times in less than a minute! This evens out the score, and the Wilsonville Wildcats have to start working a lot harder to get their place on top back. 6 minutes from halftime, freshman Tegan Waters scores and gets Wilsonville their lead right back! Going into halftime, the score is 3-2, Wilsonville on top.

Right out of the gate, Westview goes on the offense and makes numerous attempts to score on Wilsonville, but our defense was impenetrable! We stole the ball from right under their feet and expanded our lead even further, with Lindsey Antonson scoring our 4th goal, we cemented our position in the lead. 

Westview keeps making aggressive pushes onto Wilsonville, getting close and close every single time, but our amazing goalies, Maddie Erickson and Jasmine Brown, were able to shut them down, shot after shot! Kenley Whittaker takes the ball and scores another on Westview, and the Wilsonville Crowd was on fire!