Cats clinch crosstown clash

After a scoreless first half, the cats came back to win 3-1


Fiona Dunn

Lindsey Antonson and Karina Borgen embrace after Antonson scored the first goal during their match against Westview.

The anticipated West Linn v. Wilsonville game began with a titillating yet scoreless start as both teams battled for dominance throughout the entire first half.

However, after halftime, Wilsonville put the pressure on, barely giving West Linn’s defense a moment to breathe, and after 6 minutes senior Lindsey Antonson put the ball in the back of the net, narrowly scoring the first goal of the game.

This is not to discount the miraculous show put on by West Linn’s defense, them stopping many seemingly impossible attempts on goal. However, after senior Dalton Mermis was able to score a miraculous corner kick, the game was all but over.

Kenley Whittaker quickly followed up with another Wilsonville goal, and while West Linn was able to score late in the second half, the game stayed firmly in Wilsonville’s possession until the clock hit zero.