Astronomy comes to WVHS

New electives are introduced into 2021-2022 class list!


Fiona Dunn

Mr. Ramm roams about during his sixth period Astronomy class and helps students with any questions they may have.

As the WVHS student body once again fills Wilsonville High School, the classrooms and halls do not look the same as they did Pre-COVID — or even last year in the midst of COVID. 

With almost an entire third of the teaching faculty is new, not to mention the integration of Art Tech into the building as their campus undergoes construction, it is no question that the school is changing. Not only have classrooms changed, but the forecasting class list, specifically the electives section, has grown along with the school. 

One of these said electives you can find in room 216. The class is a semester-long science elective called Astronomy. Taught by Mr. Ramm — who was profusely acclaimed by junior Sydney Hildebrandt — the class not only covers content regarding the stars but also other areas of science, one of them being geology.

Hildebrandt is just finishing her second week of Anatomy and can already relay with confidence, “Students should try to fit Astronomy into their schedule.” Despite not having many friends in the class — which acts as a powerful deterrent from enjoying any high school class — Hildebrandt still praises the class and its content. 

Overall, in spite of Astronomy being in its debut year at Wilsonville High School, it has already cemented its name as an enjoyable learning opportunity, in the form of a semester-long science elective.

Students should try to fit Astronomy into their schedule.”

— Sydney Hildebrandt