The return of the student section

The Wilsonville students have returned at full force for the Wildacts sporting events.


Anthea Goh

The WVHS student section celebrates during a key play early in the Cats’ first game.

The student section is back at WVHS!  Whether it’s at soccer games, volleyball games, or football games, the student section no doubt played a part in Wilsonville’s success thus far in the 2021 fall sports season.

The student section has returned with a vengeance after a wonky 2020 sports season where there were zero to very few people in the stands.  The student section of the volleyball and soccer games is a very fun environment that can turn the tides of a win or loss.

Senior Keenan Sanford offered his thoughts about the student section.   “Huge really big for them to back us up when we need a kick. If we have a bad series or bad drive knowing all the people we have behind us is a really big boost” Sanford also thought the crowd had an effect on the opposing team. “In some way shape or form the student section had an impact maybe it was a false start or an offsides that Lebanon committed and could be attributed to the student section because they were really loud.”

Sanford says there was more energy in the stadium with the students there stating “the crowd definitely gave us a boost when we needed it.”

The Wildcats football team will need all the help they can get against McKay on Saturday the 18th of September at 1:00. If you come to the soccer or volleyball games this week you will find the author in a very raucous student section that is hoping for more Wilsonville victories in the near future.