Tips & tricks on how to do well this school year!

Study Methods!!


A snack and something to drink can make studying easier!

   Has anyone else been thrown off by the fact that students now have 6 classes instead of 3? It can sometimes be really difficult making an adjustment so big and still be able to keep up on school work. Here are some tips and tricks I use so I stay on top of it!

   One of my favorite things to do during Hybrid and Online was to do the 25:5 method. Basically what this does is make is so you do 25 minutes of homework, then a 5 minute break, repeat that 3 times then take a 10 minute break. After the 10 minute break you go back to 25:5 and do that over and over again until you are done with your work. This created a routine that gave me time to relax and have a “brain break” but also get right back into it and not forget.

   The thing I personally struggled with most during Covid was not being able to focus while studying and working on projects, something I just started doing recently is going to the local Library and studying, this made it so I had a quite and open environment to be able to focus in. I understand that there are bumps in the road (figuratively of course) that may get in the way to being able to access the library. You could get a ride from a friend, family member, or someone you trust. You could also stay after school and study at the WVHS library, or you could even take the Smart bus! Either way, this was a great way for me personally to be able to focus and get my work done.

    Overall, everyone has there own methods to getting stuff done, but if you ever need a reminder, be sure to visit this article again!!