Behind the scenes: art students and their journeys in Wilsonville’s art classes


Artwork by Ella Rice. This is one of many pieces she’s made to prepare for her AP art portfolio.

In Wilsonville high school, one class that often goes unnoticed is art. When in reality, the amount of talent that comes together in one little classroom is unimaginable! With the different styles and the amount of time these students put into their artwork, their amazing skills should be recognized and appreciated to a higher degree.

Many students who are taking art plan on taking the skill with them after high school. One artist, Ella Rice, hopes to pursue a career, saying, “I’ve always just loved showing my creativity through art, and it’s something that I can constantly challenge myself with and get better at as I work harder and put more time in. It’s something I’m passionate about, and would love to continue doing after high school.” 

Other students, like Eros Pond, a junior at the high school, are simply taking it for fun, as a hobby to continue during school. “Ever since I was younger, I’ve been interested in art,” Eros tells us. “And after getting better, it became more of a comfort mechanism, and it gave me the feeling of peace during rough times.” They don’t plan on continuing after high school as a career, but still hope to improve and do it as a hobby over time.

Just like Eros and Ella, many of these gifted students put hours into their work and deserve more recognition than they get. Whether they take the class for fun, AP credit, or to prepare for a possible career, their abilities shouldn’t be overlooked.