Are students really ok with West Linn using our football field?


The WVHS football field has been getting a lot of use this year!

Starting this year, the West Linn high school football team has been using our stadium for games because theirs is under construction. What do the students think?


Sophomore Luke Larson on the JV team expressed, “None of my games have been changed by West Linn using our field or anything. I don’t know about the varsity team but since it hasn’t affected me, I’m cool with it.” 


Interviewee sophomore Campbell Lawler was asked, “What is your stance on our football field being used as West Linns home base for a while?”  She replied, “I feel bad for the seniors that don’t get to play at their home field their senior year, but I’m glad that we can lend them a field to play on.” Campbell took a different approach than others on the topic by showing solidarity with WLHS.  


Siona Ruud had her own personal stance on the football field debacle. She explained, “I think it’s a great way to bring communities together… and to be able to see talent close by from different areas without having to travel.” In passing, many voices have indicated very similar views as Siona. 


Overall, Wilsonville students don’t mind having West Linn using their stadium because it doesn’t seem to affect them.