Getting back into class


Lorianne Servignat

Sophomores Kenley Whittaker and Wyatt Budeau working hard in class.

Well Wildcats, that wraps up the third week of school, and students are eager to share their opinions on finally getting back to an in person classroom.

With no more sitting in your bed the whole day and wearing non-stop sweatpants, it has taken students a second to adjust to learning. 

The social interaction is overwhelmingly the students favorite part of getting back to the building. “I just like being around people again,” sophomore Meredith Krecklow says. But what about the classes?

Classes are challenging students both with the amount of work, and the drastic change with something they haven’t done for about a year. With the third week of school students and teachers are finally getting back into the swing of things.

This can be really difficult to have such a big change, especially going from zero to 100. But, even with the large amount of work in classes students are handling it well.

Although freshmen didn’t really have much of a middle school experience, they are enjoying the variety of classes that they can take, and are prepared to take on the new challenges. But most of all, they love the freedom, freshman Maddie Downy says, “there’s a lot less rules.”

Wildcats are working hard with adjusting to the new environment, and workloads. This year is going to have its ups and downs, and new challenges when it comes to academics. But students are excited for the new year, and such a better one than last year.