Book club returns for a new year!


Macy Moore

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Last year, amidst the isolation of quarantine, a book club was founded at Wilsonville High! Macy Moore, Anthea Goh, and Elia Bartlett, all three of whom are now juniors, are the founders and co-presidents of this student run club.


The club’s purpose, as stated by the founders, is to give people an opportunity to expand their areas of reading by trying new genres, styles, and authors. Many people get stuck in a routine of reading similar books, and it can be hard to break out of that, so a club setting can help people reach out of their comfort zones if they know that others are doing the same. And of course, there’s the final result of being able to discuss and share your thoughts on a book with a group of peers that makes a book club unique. 


Book clubs also present opportunities to make friends who have similar interests and tastes. Sharing your opinions on a book is something that seems difficult at first– maybe it even sounds too much like english class– but being able to talk with others allows everyone to share things they liked, things they didn’t like, or what they thought of the author or the plot. While sharing your thoughts can seem intimidating, it can end up being one of the most rewarding parts of a book club.


The first club meeting will be on Wednesday, October 6th, at lunch in Mr. Fitz’s room in the upper cluster. This will not be a discussion meeting– the attendees will be voting to choose their first book! Anyone and everyone is welcome, and nothing is a commitment. No matter if you love reading, want to start reading more, or are just going because your friend didn’t want to go alone, feel free to stop by the first meeting and help the club kick off its second year!