ATHS’s move to WVHS


A few rooms in the building have been cleared out to make room for the ATHS students.

Art & Technology High School (ATHS) is a high school in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. In the past, ATHS has had 9th-12th grades, however this year they only have seniors. Since the school’s opening in 2005, ATHS had their own building on Town Center Loop in Wilsonville. Yet this school year ATHS moved into the Wilsonville High School building (WVHS). 

Recently when talking to students that go to ATHS I asked them a couple of questions. When asking Michelle Quinn what she misses about being in the ATHS building she said, “I miss the small building being close to everyone in a comfortable way. Not everyone knows you here, it takes a lot to get used to.” 

Having never been to our high school, and attending West Linn High School before going to ATHS, Emma Romero said “it’s definitely weird when I’m used to having 90 people, there are so many more (people).”  They miss the freedom of having an entire school building for just the 90 people at ATHS.  They have enjoyed Wilsonville High School so far, and is glad they have their own space to come and relax.

If you happen to have some of the ATHS students in your classes, remember to be extra welcoming. It has been a big change for them. Including ATHS at WVHS is a good addition to our school.